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February 07, 2006


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OK. I've totally changed my mind on my olympic knitting. When you see the yarn, you'll understand.

So - when shall we knit together? I have the 20th off work - you could come over and we could knit ALL DAY!


Boring? First handspun FO? How can this title go with this post????

Congrats. It's absolutely gorgeous. More to come, I hope.


OH, MY...I completely understand! It looks lovely and so warm! Congratulation. I'm in the middle of my "giddies" knitting mittens from my first plyed homepun...it's SO gratifying. Next we've got to buy some sheep and do it from the BEGINNING!


Just wanted to say Hi and that I stopped by. I'm a fellow SockapalOOOzer, although I'm busy knitting on my Olympic sweaters. The panta is next on my to do list, congratulations on yours!

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